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PaSee Yang

CEO and owner of Yangtze sauces. He has three decades of experience in the restaurant business. He created and found Hmong House Restaurant/Banquet in GA in the 1990s and moved to Saint Paul, MN, in 2009, where he  launched Hmong House in North St. Paul, MN. Hmong House Restaurant/Banquet was the central place for the Hmong community, friends, and families to gather for food, celebration events, wedding, and others.  Before the pandemic, Hmong House attracted hundreds and thousands of people to the restaurant.

Yangtze Sauces were the secret Hmong House sauces for the past 30 years, and it is now available to the public. The development of Yangtze sauces has undergone tremendous development through feedback with friends and families, focusing on creating delicious, consistent taste each time.


Why Yangtze sauces now?  The inspiration to develop this line of product came from friends, families, and the pandemic. This pandemic has closed and shut down many small businesses and especially restaurants. With everyone staying home and unable to go out, many friends and families struggle to dish up delicious meals without purchasing a multitude of ingredients or understanding the right balance. Thus the idea of Yangtze sauces came to fruition to fill this particular gap. 

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